Friday, December 9, 2011

The most stupid world championship

Many competitions are held annually around the world that sometimes some of them seem somewhat strange and stupid. The interesting thing is that these foolish games are also popular.

Wife Carrying:
Finland is the birthplace of the race in this country each year and Mzdm much they welcome it.These pathways can be very easy or very hard and exhausting. In the end, winning as much weight your wife take home the prize.

Ugliest face:

This game is more popular among the people of England. The individual competition will take home the prize as the most terrible that could give her.One of the main ways for you to be that you should keep your nose to the lower lip and his face is completely assembled, and the eyes should also be removed from the bowl.

Strange beard and mustache:

You've probably seen the race on TV or read about it in your internet. These races are popular among people and to achieve a beautiful and strange beard who struggle with each other.

Eat Nettle:

This is perhaps one of the most painful event. Nettle is a plant that you have to deal with your skin and cause itching and pain on the skin for you. Now the popular race participants from America, Australia, Ireland, come to England to contest nettle eating an hour to pay.

World Rock, Paper, Scissors:

The game between all people in the world, and perhaps much longer Trfdara not explain much about it.It should say that in some parts of America with a gather at one game each year to pay 50 thousand dollars and the final winner will be

Following cheeses:

Back again to England, where it occurs in many of these silly games.The competition is such that people should look for the cheese that comes in a downward slope. Many wounded and injured each year in this competition are.

Automatic fire tube:

More competition in England and also in rural Vytchm to be held. In this competition you need to help your peas as a means of automatic tube to target shoot.


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